The renowned BEST WESTERN Scores Hotel opened in the 1930's. It combines a fine 1864 Victorian House (Seaton house) with an 1880's Boy's School (St Salvators School).

Seaton House
Designed by George Rae (the first native-born St Andrews citizen to become an architect) in 1864 in the Jacobean style and built for John Buddo. Seaton House was home to an institute founded in 1919 by prominent London heart specialist, Sir James Mackenzie. He conceived the idea of investigating disease before the occurrence of any structural change in any organ of the body int he hope of providing an earlier diagnosis. He thought St Andrews was an ideal place to conduct research and set up a health centre on The Scores, enlisting the help of local GPs. Each had their own consulting room and kept records on each patient's visit. This clinic carried on until after World War II when the experiment lapsed. James Mackenzie's heart is held by the University in the anatomy collection.

St Salvators School
Founded at the request of a committee of leading citizens headed by Professors Knight and Campbell. Opened in 1882, it aimed to provide boys with a good general education and to qualify candidates for Naval Cadetship. The four storey building including a library, gym and museum of natural history. The pupils were mostly day boys with a few boarders. The first headmaster was Gerald Blunt who sold the school to Alfred George Le Maitre for £4000 in 1902. Le Maitre did much to raise the profile of the school. The total number of boys never exceeded 50. Le Maitre sold St Salvators School to Mrs King in 1931, who developed it into a hotel. The Scores Hotel has been in existences since the mid 1930's.

West Sands Suites
The two historic buildings were formally joined together itn he summer of 2012 by the current owner The Mann family (who bought the hotel in 1986 from Walter Alexander of the Alexander Bus Company) with the creation of 3 additional Junior Suites which overlook the panoramic West Sands beach, hence the name 'West Sands Suites'. The outer construction is in dressed ashlar stone to match the two existing buildings with the first and second floor suites having bay windows and the third floor suite has a balcony with wrought iron railings.


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